C programming

C programming

  • Eligibility
  • Course Code
    C Programing-04
  • Course Duration
    6 Months
C programming classes

C programming

Learn in-depth C programming concepts, both basic and advanced. Jiwan Jyoti Computer Classes C language course in Patna will introduce you to the basics of this well-liked programming language and help you feel comfortable developing projects. Since it combines elements of high-level languages with the functionalism of assembly language, C is frequently referred to as a middle-level computer language. Take the crucial next step in advancing your career!

C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop software like operating systems, databases, compilers, and so on. C programming is an excellent language to learn to program for beginners.

Course Details

C is a compiled, all-purpose programming language. The language is procedural and does not support object-oriented programming paradigms. From the ground up, learn C programming from our experts, and then practice in a natural setting. To make sure you learn best practices gradually, the challenges are based on actual projects.

It is possible to create both high-level applications like video games and low-level applications that interact with the computer's hardware using the flexible programming language C. The dynamic type system in the adaptable programming language C protects from undesirable programming behaviors. Numerous widely used modern languages, including Java and C++, were built on the C programming language. Begin learning C with Jiwan Jyoti Computer Class.


    Candidates who wish to learn about software programming are eligible to do the certification in C language. C is a basic level programming language anyone can learn it. So, there is no specific eligibility criteria to be required in candidates for the C language Course. Any high school student or UG, PG graduate student can get the certification in the C language Course the only thing they need is interest & logical thinking for grasping the coding part.

  • 10+2 level whereas Post Diploma C Programming courses can be pursued after graduation
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Course Syllabus

  • History of 'C'
  • A Simple C Program
  • Program execution phases.
  • Backslash character constants.
  • Character set, Constants, Number systems.
  • Format specifiers.
  • Pointer notation vs. Array notation
  • About 175+ program’s
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation Etc..

Course Information

  • Class Start: January 10, 2023
  • Course Duration: 6 Month
  • Total Credits: 135
  • Student Capacity: Max 45 Students
  • Class Schedule: Saturday, Monday & Wednesday
  • Class Time: 9.00 am - 12.00 pm
  • Course Teachers: 03

Course Teachers

Pramod Kumar
CSE Faculty
Jiwan Jyoti
C++ Faculty
Jiwan Jyoti
C Programing Faculty

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The curriculum of C Training in Patna: Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to the latest trends and industry standards!

Introduction to C Programming

  • What is C programming?
  • Role and applications
  • Career options

Basics of C language

  • Flow Control
  • if...else
  • for Loop
  • while Loop
  • break and continue
  • switch...case
  • goto

Functions in C

  • What are Functions?
  • C User-defined Functions
  • Function Types
  • Recursion
  • Storage Class
  • Function Examples


  • What are Arrays?
  • Multi-dimensional Arrays
  • Arrays & Function
  • Pointers
  • Memory Allocation


  • What is String?
  • String Functions

Structure And Union

  • Structure
  • Struct & Pointers
  • Struct & Function
  • Unions

C Programming Files

  • Input/Output
  • Enumeration
  • Preprocessors
  • Standard Library